MEWP’s are widely used in the workplace and are replacing ladders and tower scaffolds as the preferred method of access. However operators are often asked to use these machines without being given any formal training, and as a result, they are not aware of the safety precautions required or of the individual capabilities of the MEWP itself.

Quite apart from the obvious human cost of accidents, increased safety awareness brings real commercial benefits. Far from hindering operators in their work, it can and does, enhance productivity.

Operators, whose training and experience make them safe, anticipate potential difficulties and problems on the task ahead of them just as they foresee the hazards and dangers that could result in an accident.

Accidents cost hard cash – in downtime, in Government Agency enquiries and investigations, in raised insurance premiums and even in civil liability actions and damages.

We now offer the following range of MEWP courses:

  • Scissor Lift (SL)
  • Self Propelled Boom (SPB)
  • Vehicle Mounted Platform up to 60 metres (VMP60)
  • Combined course covering any 2 of the above categories of MEWP

All our courses are delivered to the highest international standards by an approved Instructor, thus you can be assured of receiving the best standard of training possible.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course participants will be able to:
  • Operate an MEWP safely and correctly in accordance with the Manufacturer’s handbook
  • Clearly understand the causes of instability while operating an MEWP
  • Be able to carry out correctly, a pre-use inspection of the MEWP
  • Work safely at height
  • Understand fully the procedures for the emergency lowering of the MEWP in the event of an emergency

Course Content

  • Safety Law and the use of MEWP’s
  • Basic types and specification of MEWP’s
  • Hazards associated with MEWP’s
  • Daily pre-use checks and maintenance requirements
  • Safety precautions while using MEWP’s
  • Outriggers and Stabilisers
  • Barriers and Signs required
  • Importance of continuous observation
  • Positioning of the MEWP
  • Re-fuelling and Battery charging procedures
  • Raising and lowering the MEWP safely and correctly
  • Mounting and Dismounting the MEWP
  • Driving on inclines
  • Emergency Lowering Procedures
  • Theoretical Test
  • Practical Assessment
  • Ground Conditions
  • Oscillating Axles
  • Safe working at Height
  • MEWP stability
  • Safe Working Loads
  • PPE
  • Accidents

Method of Training

The course will consist of a mixture of classroom theory and theory assessment followed by practical demonstration, Participant practice and practical assessment. Participants are encouraged to ask questions throughout the course.